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ANA Value Vouchers (e-coupons) Begins
Family members within 2 degrees that are registered as awards users may use a member's 'ANA Value Vouchers (e-coupons).ANA Value Vouchers (e-coupons) should be used by members only after log-in. Please note that ANA Value Vouchers (e-coupons) cannot be used with other vouchers or under a different member's name.
'ANA Value Vouchers (e-coupons)' is valid for a year (end of 12th month) after exchanged from mileage is made.
'ANA Value Vouchers (e-coupons)' can be used for all the advertised fares of ANA Group flights.(Please note that there some fares are ineligible.)
'ANA Value Vouchers (e-coupons)' is scheduled to be introduced during September 1, 2008(date of exchange).
The required mileage for the redemption of ANA Value Vouchers (coupons) will change from 20,000miles (=30,000 yen) to 12,000miles (=15,000 yen) starting September 1, 2008(date of exchange).