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Exclusive  Awards for Premium Members

Introduction of New Standard Premium Points
Premium points will be based on flights boarded during a calendar year (January 1st~December 31st). This one-year service will be offered starting April 1st of next year.
Starting January 1, 2008, the calculation procedure for premium points will be as below.
[Boarding Points] The points given for  each flight according to the class and fare.
Bording Points for ANA domestic fares
fare Boarding Points(1sector)
Premium fare, Premium child fare, Premium pass, Premium fare for the disabled,
Business Repeat, Noto Wide Repeat2 *, One way fare, Child fare,
Discount fare for Disabled travelers, Discount fare for Family caregiver, Round-trip fare,
Shuttle round-trip fare, Business Kippu, Premium Tokuwari 7, Premium Tokuwari 1,
Premium Stockholders Discount fare, Business Tokuwari, Tokuwari 7, Tokuwari 1,
Senior 65 Discount fare, Stockholders Discount fare
*"Premium Tokuwari" will change its name to "Premium Tokuwari7". This applies to flights departing on/after January 6, 2009. The fare conditions will not change.
*"Noto Wide Repeat2" will be discontinued on/after March 12, 2009.
Connection fare 200
i-tickets, Tabiwari, Chowari, Transit Tabiwari,
Sky Mate Discount, Individual Inclusive Tour Discount fare, Senior Sorawari

*For ticket issued with international tickets,for all fare type,all domestic sector will not be eligible for boarding points.(Even the ticket is eligible for mileage credit,boarding points will be zero)Please also note that normal Premium Point will accrue according to boarding cabin class and fares of the ticket issured.

Boarding points for ANA International fares
International Booking Class Fare Boarding Points(1sector)
F/A Normal Fare,BIZ-wari,Biz-wari 14
Star Alliance Fares
C/Z/J/D Normal Fare,BIZ-wari,Biz-wari 14
Star Alliance Fares
Y Normal Fare,Eco-wari Premium
E Eco-wari Premium Light
B Eco-wari Standard,IATA PEX fare
Star Alliance Round The World Fare
Super Eco-wari,Eco-wari 7/14
Discount Fare,Star Alliance Fares
T Inclusive Tour Fares

When using an ANA Group flight, Certain according to the fare type of ticket and the from of code share flights may be not eligible.

Boarding Points for Star Alliance partner airlines fare
Fare Boarding Points(1sector)
First Class/Business Class booking classes eligible for mileage accrual
Economy Class normal fare booking class "Y"
*Lufthansa (LH) booking class, "Y" "P" is eligible.
*Air New Zealand (NZ) booking class, "Y" "U" "E" "O" "A" is eligible.
*Singapore Airlines (SQ) booking class, "Y" "S" "E" is eligible.
*TAP Portugal (TP) booking class, "Y" "B" is eligible.
Any fares other than the ones listed above. 0

Please click here for more information about booking classes eligible for accrual.

As of March 2009

"TABIDACHI" bonus miles are not eligible for ANA Premium Points.
Starting January 1, 2008, Premium Member attainment standard will be as listed below.
'Diamond Service' and 'Platinum Service' members as well as ANA Super Flyer's Card members will be served as 'Star Alliance Gold' members.Thus,'Bronze Serivce' members will be saved as 'Star Alliance Silver' members.
ANA Group Airlines: ANA (NH), Air Nippon (EL), Air Nippon Network (NH), Air Japan (NQ), AIR NEXT (NH), IBEX Airlines (FW)*
*Some of IBEX Airlines’ services are not eligible for ANA Premium Points, etc.