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Exclusive Awards for Premium Members

Strengthening of Upgrade Points
Applies to upgrade points that can be used for ANA Group flights from April 1, 2009.
For every 10,000 accrued Premium Points , 2 upgrade points will be added. 'Platinum Service' can earn up to 40 points, and 'Diamond Service' has no limit.
(Example) In the case a member earns 130,000 Premium Points (including 50,000 ANA Group points) and becomes a 'Diamond Service' member, he/she will receive 6 points (based on premium point) along with 40 points ('Diamond Service' member's as standard point) for a total of 46 points.
Upgrade points by status is shown as below .
Required points for upgrades for each route (one way) is as listed below.
Required Points
Japan Domestic International (Europe/America) International (Resort/China/Asia)
Business Class First Class Business Class First Class
4 Points 8 Points 15 Points 5 Points 7 Points
Japan Domestic
Flight Lounge
4 Points
[Europe] = London, Paris, Frankfurt
[Resort] = Hawaii
[China/Asia] = China (including Hong Kong), Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, India
*as of December, 2008