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Take Your Time Earning More Miles

'Premium Class' Mile
Fly with domestic highest cabin class and earn 50% extra mils!
Currently, regardless of fare or flown distance, the miles earned in Super Seat is 100 miles.

Starting April 2008

Mileage accrual will consist of the mileage accrual rates by fare type (100% -50%) and an additional 50%.

For regular fared Premium fare (one way, round trip, repeat, etc.), [100% + 50% = 150% of basic sector mileage] will be accrued , and for discount fare (Tokuwari, Tabiwari, etc.), [75% + 50% =125% of basic sector mileage ] will be accrued.The more distance you fly with Super Seat Premium, the more miles you will earn .

Distance from Tokyo to Osaka is 140miles, to Toyama is 88miles, to Fukuoka is 283miles, and to Okinawa is 492 miles!!

The further you fly, the more miles you will earn . Compared to before, you can especially feel the ease of earning miles on long distance travels such as Tokyo-Okinawa.

Earning More Miles'