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Introduction of New Standard Premium Points
New standards based on ticket fares
The standards for ANA 'Diamond Service,' 'Platinum Service,' and 'Bronze Service' were based on platinum points and the number of boarded flights.
Starting January 2008

Starting January 2008, 'premium points' will be incorporated along with the conventional platinum points and the number of boarded flights.

[Basic Sector Mileage × Class/Far Ratio × Route Ratio] + Boarding Points = Premium Points

In addition to the conventional point calculation, the boarding points for each boarded flight can be earned depending on your boarding fares. (For calculating premium points)

So from now on, the attainment standard for any status is premium points?

Yes, the attainment standards for ANA 'Diamond Service,''Platinum Service,'and'Bronze Service'will all be standardized as premium points for a more simple calculation.

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