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ANA Premium Flight Awards : April 1, 2008~March 31, 2009 (reservations/boarding)
Redeem double miles and book your awards on any seats available seat!
Flight awards were sometimes unavailable due to its limited availability and reservation deadlines.
Startong April 1.2008-March 31.2009

As a campaign for ANA 'Diamond Service' members, ANA premium flight awards will begin.

By redeeming twice the miles required for an ANA flight award, members can fly in any available seat for both domestic and international flights (excluding certain classes).

Reservations can be made up to a day prior to the flight. From now on, miles can be redeem for last minute travels.

So we can redeem miles as we are purchasing tickets.

Exactly. For example, if one wants to fly a round trip flight between Tokyo~Osaka during the regular season, as long as there is a seat available, a reservation can be made using 24,000 miles (12,000 miles × 2) up to the day before the flight.

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