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Greater Upgrade Points
The more you fly, the more chance you have for upgrades 2008年4月からこうなります!
Number of upgrade points were the same for all status.
Starting April 2009

From April of 2009, along with the standard points per status, extra points will be added according to the amount of premium points acquired.

Extra points will be added according to the accrued premium point of the previous year : 10~12 points for 'Bronze Service,' 20~40 points for 'Platinum Service,' and 40+ points for 'Diamond Service.'

There is a benefit for caming(upgrade)points even after reaching certain status!


How will the points required for an upgrade be set up?

It will be newly set up based on direction (Japan domestic , U.S. , Europe , Asia, China, Resort).For example, an upgrade for a Japan domestic flight will be 4 points, and economy > business class upgrade on a U.S. or Europe flight will be 8 points. For more details, please click here.

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