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ANA Value Vouchers (e-coupons) Begins
For flight tickets, get an e-coupon that can be used on the WEB
In the past, ANA has only provided paper coupons . Once the customers received the actual paper coupon, they were able to make flight reservations, and later exchange these for flight tickets at a local/airport ANA counter.
Starting Fall 2008

New paperless awards will be introduced.

ANA Value Vouchers (e-coupons) are electronic coupons that can be used online. ANA Value Vouchers have been specially designed to offer instant benefits for such things as reservations and purchases for air tickets by Internet when using ANA SKY WEB or ANA SKY MOBILE (mobile site.)

When purcasing air ticket using e-coupons, you can redeem 12,000 miles for an 18,000yen value, which is a 20% increase when compared to normal paper value vouchers.e-Coupons can be used in 10 Yen units.

*Only available for customers residing in Japan.

So these awards can be obtained and used from anywhere with Internet access.

Yes, however, customers who reside outside Japan who do not have Internet access, or Who prefer to get coupons for things other than flight tickets (such as lodging, tours, or inflight shopping), will need paper voucher as before, exchanging 12,000 miles for 15,000yen value.

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