Airport Guide for New Chitose Airport

This is a guide for each airport where ANA is in service.

  • The ANA Lounge and newly established ANA SUITE LOUNGE at New Chitose Airport are now open.
    ANA Mileage Club Premium members and Premium Class passengers can proceed directly to the applicable lounge and boarding gate through the dedicated security checkpoint.
  • The renovated departure lobby counters on the 2nd floor have been reopened as of November 8, 2017. For details, please see "Renovated Facilities Opened at New Chitose Airport".
  • From January 17th, 2018, Group check-in counter will be relocated to the 2nd floor.

Airport Facilities

2nd floor Departure Lobby, Boarding Gate

[To customers who use the facility]
Please use Departure Security Check "B" or "C."

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1st floor Arrival Lobby

[To customers who use the facility]
The baggage drop-off counters are located on the 2nd floor.

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B1 Platform for JR line

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