Kaisoku Takku-bin (Home Delivery)

Your checked baggage at the departure airport will be delivered to your home or to your designated place so that you do not need to pick it up at the arrival airport.

Convenient home delivery from the airport

1. Departure Airport

Request for the "Takku-bin" service when you check your baggage.

2. Arrival Airport

You can simply leave for the next destination without having to pick up your baggage at the arrival airport.

3. Specify your home or another location

You can receive your baggage at home, hotel or any other designated location.

Same-day delivery service (Super Takku-bin) - For flights arriving before noon *-

  • ・Baggage will be delivered to home, hotel or any other designated location on the day of your arrival.
  • ・Arrival airports offering the same-day delivery service
    Sapporo (Chitose), Tokyo (Haneda), Nagoya (Chubu), Osaka (Itami), Osaka (Kansai), Fukuoka, and Okinawa (Naha)

    • * For Sapporo (Chitose), flights arriving before 11:00 are eligible for this service.
    • * The delivery service is limited to certain areas.
    • * Baggage may not be delivered on the same day should there be a flight delay.

Next-day delivery service (Kaisoku Takku-bin) - Baggage delivered at the designated time -

  • ・Baggage will be delivered to home or a designated location on the next day of your arrival or later.
  • ・You can choose your preferred delivery time frame.Please select a time frame from "morning", "2 to 4 p.m.", "4 to 6 p.m.", "6 to 8 p.m.", and "7 to 9 p.m."
    • * The delivery service is limited to certain areas.
    • * You can choose a delivery date of up to one week after the day you check in your baggage.


JPY 1,000 (including consumption tax) per baggage to be paid by the consignor


Cash or ANA travel vouchers


After completing your check-in, please request for the "Takku-bin" service when you check your baggage.


Quantity: A maximum of three items per person
Size: Total sum of three sides must be 203 cm(80 in) or less *1
Weight: Each item must not exceed 25 kg(67 lb) *2

  • *1 Some ANA flights (operated with Q4A/Q84) as well as flights operated by IBEX Airlines and Oriental Air Bridge are operated using small-capacity aircraft. Therefore, in some cases your baggage may not be accepted even if it falls within 203 cm(80 in) for the total sum of three sides. Please check the maximum combined linear dimensions of baggage for each aircraft type.
  • *2 Single pieces of baggage exceeding 25 kg cannot be accepted by the Takku-bin (Home Delivery) service.
    The weight of the Takku-bin (Home Delivery) baggage is included in the total weight of the checked baggage.
    Baggage exceeding the baggage allowance will incur an excess baggage charge.
    Even if you have an international flight ticket and international baggage rules apply, each piece of baggage must fall within the 25 kg(67 lb) weight limit to be accepted as Takku-bin (Home Delivery) baggage.

Examples of charges by weight/number of items for Takku-bin


25 kg (67 lb)

Checked baggage: None


Takku-bin charge JPY 1,000 x 1 item = JPY 1,000
Excess baggage charge  5 kg (11 lb) → JPY 2,500
Total JPY 3,500


10 kg (22 lb) 10 kg (22 lb) 10 kg (22 lb)

Checked baggage: None


Takku-bin charge JPY 1,000 x 3 items = JPY 3,000
Excess baggage charge  10kg (22 lb) → JPY 2,500
Total JPY 5,500


10 kg (22 lb)

Checked baggage

15 kg (33 lb)


Takku-bin charge JPY 1,000 x 1 item = JPY 1,000
Excess baggage charge  5 kg (11 lb) → JPY 2,500
Total JPY 3,500

Unacceptable Baggage

Items that may get damaged (may get worn out)

  • ・Electrical appliances (personal computers, cameras, video cameras, precision machines, etc.)
  • ・Liquid (alcohol, drinking water, glass bottles, cans, plastic bottles, etc.)
  • ・Perishable food items, garden plants, seedlings, fresh flowers, frozen and refrigerated items, and other items that tend to perish or discolor easily
  • ・Glassware, potteries, etc.
  • ・Electric wheelchairs, bicycles (including folding type), surfboards, bows, etc.
  • ・Musical instruments
  • ・Golf bags, ski/snowboarding equipment
    (These items can be accepted if packaged by a commercially available special cover.)

Valuables or high-priced articles

  • ・Cash, precious metals, jewels, securities, artworks or antiques, watches, etc.

Dangerous goods

  • ・Firearms, swords, explosives and other highly combustible goods
  • ・Goods prohibited by law or requirement by government from being on board of or transported by aircrafts


  • ・Golf clubs, ski equipment, etc. to be used the day after the scheduled delivery date
  • ・Animals, insects and other living creatures, including pets
  • ・Goods determined by ANA to be not appropriate for baggage for "Kaisoku Takku-bin"


  • ・This service is not available to passengers with tickets for the IBEX Airlines, StarFlyer or Oriental Air Bridge flights.
  • ・The service is available for the same-day itinerary if you have a connecting flight.

Inquiries for Kaisoku Takku-bin

You can check your baggage delivery status here.