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ANA Mileage Club Gets a Revamp for 10th Anniversary
- embargo periods removed, mileage validity extended, new premium-user services -

TOKYO October 5, 2007- ANA Mileage Club (AMC) will turn ten years old in April next year.  To mark the occasion, new services will be introduced, and changes made to existing services, to better reflect customer needs and preferences.  With more ways to collect and redeem mileage than before, and miles remaining valid for 36 months from the date of activity, customers can reap greater benefits from flying ANA and partner airlines.

The major changes are outlined below:
  Service Present rule New rule Start
Accrual Validity Until the end of the second year after date of activity 36 months from the month of activity April 2008
Redemption Award
Dom All flights 15,000 miles regardless of distance Depends on distance travelled April 2008
Int'l Depends on zone
Seasonality -
(subject to embargo periods)
No embargo periods; number of miles needed depends on season – low, medium or high April 2008
Basis for Premium membership Platinum Points + number of flights boarded New Premium Points used to determine level of premium membership.  Premium Points are the former Platinum Points + new points awarded, according to the fare paid, each time you board January 2008
Upgrade Points Same points awarded regardless of status (Diamond, Platinum, Bronze) Along with the standard points awarded with premium status, upgrade points will be added according to the number of Premium Points held April 2009

ANA Gold Card (credit card) renewal bonus
*issued in Japan only

2,000 bonus miles every time the card is renewed An extra 2,000 bonus miles, in addition to the existing 2,000, every time Premium members extend their card membership April 2008

Diamond members awards

Same as other service members Choice of exclusive courses from a menu with a wide selection of awards 2008

Premium Award Tickets (special 1 year campaign, Diamond Members only)

For twice the usual number of miles, Diamond members can take any domestic or international flight with available seats (excluding certain classes). Journeys must be finished by March 31, 2009 April 1, 2008
Mar 31, 2009

AMC members can accrue mileage using any ANA Group or partner airline flight, or by making purchases at designated outlets.  Mileage can be redeemed for award tickets or for a wide selection of other goods and services.  For details, please refer to

As of August 31, 2007, AMC has 16.3 million members worldwide and contracts with approximately 400 companies accounting for 55,000 outlets around the globe.

Damion Martin, ANA Public Relations: