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Super Seat Premium Reborn as 'Premium Class'
- ANA's 'domestic business class' seat gets bigger pitch
and meals throughout the day from April 08 -

TOKYO October 24, 2007 -ANA today revealed the latest version of its extremely popular Super Seat Premium at a press conference at its head office in central Tokyo today. Known simply as Premium Class, it will be ANA's leading product in its home market of Japan.

Designed to be an 'elegant space to unwind in the skies', Premium Class offers customers business class levels of service, space and comfort. In response to feedback from Super Seat Premium users, Premium Class will offer an increased seat pitch of 50 inches (127cm) – up from the present 38 inches (97cm) – 10% wider seats, and a new configuration on 767 aircraft of 2-1-2, compared with the present 2-2-2.

In addition, customers expressed a wish to be served meals on all flights, as opposed to the 'tea and cakes' currently offered outside the traditional morning, midday and evening mealtimes. They also asked for lounge access. In answer, sandwiches, fruit, 'onigiri' rice-balls, cakes and other light items will be served, with the present meal service offered at main mealtimes. To add to the sense of refinement, customers will be welcomed into ANA lounges at Tokyo Haneda and Osaka Itami airports when using Premium Class.

Premium Class will be rolled out on across 70% of the ANA fleet of jet aircraft by the end of fiscal year 2009 (March 31, 2010), including – for the first time – ANA's 737 Next Generation fleet of 737-700 and -800 aircraft*. At present, Super Seat Premium is available on all other jets, namely: 747-400, 777-200/300 and 767-300 aircraft. Between 21 and eight seats will be offered in Premium Class, according to the aircraft size.
* 12 of ANA's order for 45 737-700 aircraft will be converted to 737-800 derivatives with 167 seats (8 Premium Class + 159 economy)

Super Seat Premium Customers will be also invited to use ANA lounges at Haneda and Itami from December 1 this year until March 31 next year, as a prelude to the introduction of Premium Class.
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Damion Martin, ANA Public Relations: