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ANA to raise IATA international fares from April 2008

TOKYO February 6, 2008 - ANA Group today filed an application with the Japanese government to raise fares for travel to and from Japan, in line with a decision made at the IATA (International Air Transport Association) Passenger Tariff Coordinating Conference.
Subject to approval by the Japanese government and the governments of the countries to which ANA flies, the following changes will come into effect on April 1, 2008, and will apply to normal fares.

Increase for Flights Departing U.S.
Adjustments include an increase in fares on flights departing the United States of 7% in First Class, 8% in Business Class and 7-15% in Economy Class. Other changes include an increase of 10% on all normal fares for flights from Japan to South East Asia, Korea and China, and a 6-17% increase for flights to Europe. In addition, Weekend and Restricted Economy Class Fares will be abolished on European routes.
Comparison of Business Class fares pre and post April 1, 2008
Routing New Fare Old Fare
Los Angeles-Tokyo $7,643 (weekday) $7,077 (weekday)
$8,173 (weekend) $7,568 (weekend)
Tokyo-London ¥1,092,800 ¥937,900 (weekday)
¥997,900 (weekend)
Tokyo-Singapore ¥436,100 (weekday) ¥396,400 (weekday)
¥464,100 (weekend) 424,400 (weekend)

U.S. originating flights weekday fares : Monday – Thursday (both directions)
weekend fares : Friday – Sunday (both directions)

*Fares calculated at point of sale
Damion Martin, ANA Public Relations: