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  ANA Business Jet to go Daily on Tokyo- Mumbai
- more convenience, more flexibility from April 12 -
TOKYO March 24, 2008 - ANA’s popular Business Jet service between Tokyo and Mumbai will be increased to a daily service from Saturday, April 12 this year, in response to demand and to better meet the needs of the business traveller.

At present the route is plied by one 737-700ER aircraft, specially fitted with extra fuel tanks to allow it to make the 6,700 km journey between the two cities lying at opposite ends of Asia. A second aircraft will be added in order to increase the service to a daily frequency from the original six weekly flights.

“The second aircraft will come from our Nagoya-Guangzhou route, and is being refitted with auxiliary tanks so that it can also fly the distance required,” explained ANA’s head of Network Planning, Shuichi Fujimura. “Business people require above all flexibility from an airline schedule, and that can only truly be provided if the fundamentals are in place - in other words, a daily service,” he continued.

The second aircraft will also add 20 enhanced economy seats, with a seat-width greater than that offered on ANA’s intercontinental Premium Economy product, to cater to the cost-conscious business traveller.*

“The cabin of a 737-700 normally accommodates 136 passengers in an all economy configuration. With just 36 all business class seats, or a combination of 24 business and 20 enhanced economy seats, we continue to offer our customers a rarefied space along with the greater flexibility,” added Mr Fujimura.

*available on Mondays and Wednesdays only
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