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ANA to Raise International Fuel Surcharge for July - September 2008

TOKYO May 16, 2008 - Owing to the cost of jet fuel (Singapore kerosene) rising to hitherto unseen levels, ANA today applied to the Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport to raise its fuel surcharge on international flights from July 1, 2008. Jet fuel is at present trading at more than US$150 per barrel.

The fuel surcharge is fixed for a period of three months, after which it is revised on the basis of the average market price of Singapore kerosene for the three months previous to the date of application for revision. Jet fuel rose to an average of US$126.05 per barrel from February to April this year, in view of which ANA regrets that it must ask its valued customers to once again share the increased cost burden, in spite of ongoing efforts to curb costs and increase revenues.

Surcharge Levels (per person per single sector)
Conditions for Revision (and removal) of the Surcharge
(1) The fuel surcharge will not be revised for the three months from July 1 to September 30, 2008 regardless of market movements. The levels stated are subject to government approval.
(2) The level of the fuel surcharge from October 1, 2008, will be fixed on the basis of the three month average cost of Singapore kerosene from May to July, 2008. If it falls below US$120 per barrel the fuel surcharge will be adjusted down in accordance with the table below.
(3) If the three months average cost of Singapore kerosene falls below US$50 per barrel the fuel surcharge will be removed altogether.
(1) The fuel surcharge applies in its entirety to all fares, including discount fares, child fares and award tickets. It is not subject to any discount whatsoever.
(2) In the case of refunded tickets, the surcharge will be refunded in full and will not be subject to any charges.
(3) The actual amount of the surcharge is subject to government approval and may vary from that stated.
Damion Martin, ANA Public Relations: