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ANA Takes Delivery of the World's First 767-300 Boeing Converted Freighter
- and acquires the key to the Expansion of ANA Group's Cargo Business -

TOKYO June 17, 2008 - ANA yesterday took delivery of its first 767-300 Boeing Converted Freighter (BCF) - the prototype conversion of a 767-300 passenger aircraft into a freighter - at a ceremony in the hangar of SASCO in Singapore, the company chosen by Boeing to carry out the conversion. The newly converted freighter will join ANA's existing fleet of four 767-300 freighters (six including two leased on ACMI contract from ABX of the USA) when it flies from Tokyo's Haneda Airport to Shanghai via Osaka Kansai on its late-night maiden run on July 1. It will be operated by the joint-venture company created by ANA and Japan Post, ANA & JP Express, on late-night domestic cargo flights and on routes between Japan and other Asian countries, primarily China.

This is the first of seven 767-300BCF aircraft orderd by ANA for conversion by SASCO as it begins to retire its present fleet of 767-300 passenger aircraft, and will allow the airline to better use its existing resources while making significant cost savings vis-a-vis the list price of a new 767-300 Freighter. The conversion took approximately eight months to complete and the finished product is virtually indistinguishable from its production twin in performance and specification.

"We are delighted to take delivery of the first 767-300BCF. It will be a key in the expansion of our cargo operation and express delivery services to countries neighbouring Japan," said Shinsuke Maki, ANA's senior vice president Engineering & Maintenance, who was present at the ceremony. "The 767 has long been the work-horse of the ANA passenger fleet; it is very gratifying to see an old friend carry on beyond retirement, and in doing so contribute to the environment in terms of saving and reusing resources. We thank Boeing for their design and SASCO for their work in carrying out the conversion," he added.

As well as general cargo, the 767-300BCF will be used for high quality, time-critical next day parcel delivery services between Japan and neighbouring major Asian cities within four hours' flight time. These deliveries will be made under the ALL EXPRESS brand - or ALLEX - a new joint-venture company created by ANA and two of Japan's leading forwarders, Nippon Express and Kintetsu World Express. ALLEX will begin operating on July 2, this year, and is a key part of ANA's ambitious cargo expansion plans.

Damion Martin, ANA Public Relations:
ANA Takes Delivery of the World's First 767-300 Boeing Converted Freighter