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ANA Summer Vacation Passenger Traffic

TOKYO August 18, 2008 - ANA carried 1,594,646 passengers during the peak of the Japanese summer vacation period, which is based around the traditional Obon holiday and this year fell between Friday, August 8 and Sunday, August 17, inclusive.

Just under 1.5 million travelled on domestic routes, with Hokkaido in the north and Okinawa in the south being the most popular destinations.
Asia, excluding China, proved the most popular destination for ANA’s international passengers. Almost 45,000 passengers flocked to the region, a 27% increase compared with the previous year.
Damion Martin, ANA Public Relations:
Notes for editors
1) Obon is a Japanese Buddhist holiday during which ancestral spirits are said to return to their family homes. It is the peak holiday season of the summer, and falls around the middle of August.
2) Since April 1 this year, the flight operated by ANA subsidiary, ANK, to Taipei is flown under the ANA two-letter code, NH. Accordingly, ANK passenger numbers are included in the ANA figure and are no longer reported separately.
ANA Summer Vacation Passenger Traffic