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ANA Firms up Boeing 787 Delivery Schedule and Interim Lift Needs

TOKYO September 25, 2008 - ANA has reached agreement with Boeing on the following delivery schedule for the delayed 787, which was drawn up to minimise the impact of the delay on ANA’s business plan.

At a meeting of the ANA Board of Directors held today, it was decided that the airline would also introduce nine 767-300ER aircraft to cover its interim lift needs. Details of the revised schedule and the introduction of the new aircraft are as follows:

1. Delivery Schedule
  Original   Revised
[1]Number of aircraft 50 firm orders No change
[2]First delivery May, 2008 August, 2009
[3]Delivery rate Approx 7 aircraft per annum until 2015 Approx 6 aircraft per annum until 2017

(Delays range from 14-36 months per aircraft, with an average delay of two years.)
2. Interim Lift
ANA will introduce nine 767-300ER aircraft in fiscal years 2010 and FY2011, to cover its capacity needs in the interim. It will also revise the retirement schedule of its present fleet and its maintenance schedule.
3. Outlook for FY2008
The delay to the delivery of the 787 was accounted for in ANA’s Corporate Plan, 2008, accordingly no change will be made to the outlook for the current fiscal year as announced on April 30, 2008.
Damion Martin, ANA Public Relations:
ANA Firms up Boeing 787 Delivery Schedule and Interim Lift Needs