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ANA Signs Innovative Deal for 787 Spare Parts Support
- first programme of its kind for the 787 -

TOKYO November 7, 2008 - ANA today signed deals with Hamilton Sundstrand and Rockwell Collins for a spare parts support programme on its fleet of Boeing 787 aircraft, under the terms which, ownership of the spare parts and repair equipment remains with the manufacturers, and ANA is required to pay only for the actual time that its 787s are in the air.

This is the first agreement of its kind for the 787, and allows ANA to rationalise spare parts stocks and provide high quality parts support for its 787 fleet with greater efficiency than under normal terms. Further, as no fee is incurred during storage when the 787s are not flying, it also assists the airline in its continuing efforts to drive down costs.

As the launch customer of the 787, ANA has formed Working Together Teams (WTT) with the parts manufacturers to develop the most appropriate technical solutions to the spare parts needs of the 787. Once the aircraft enters service with ANA, the WTT will analyse operational data to provide diagnosis of problems with greater accuracy, and also develop preventative maintenance solutions to preempt problems before they happen. By thus combining the strengths of the parts manufacturers and the launch airline operator, ANA and its working together partners are striving to develop the most appropriate launch programme for the 787.

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ANA Signs Innovative Deal for 787 Spare Parts Support