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ANA Rolls-out LOSA Across All 6 Group Airlines
- studying human error in the cockpit to further enhance safety -

TOKYO January 22, 2009 - ANA will extend the implementation of the Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) to all six airlines within ANA Group from tomorrow until the end of May, as it steps up efforts to further improve safety in the air.
A system by which cockpit crew performance is assessed during normal flight operations, LOSA utilises trained observers riding in cockpit jump seats to record the various threats encountered by aircrew, the types of errors committed, and how flight crews manage these situations to maintain safety. Combined with a structured interview with pilots for their suggestions to improve safety, this data provides airlines with a diagnostic snapshot of safety strengths and weaknesses in normal flight operations that can be used to reshape and reinforce pilot training.
Altogether, more than 30 of the world’s leading airlines have implemented LOSA, which was developed by Texas University with the support of the Federal Aviation Authority, and is recognised by aviation industry bodies ICAO and IATA.
In 2006, ANA Group became the first Japanese airline grouping to implement LOSA, when more than 300 flights operated by the mainline, ANA, were subject to the audit in order to identify human error in the cockpit. In response, appropriate improvement measures were introduced into ANA’s pilot training programmes.
The second step starting tomorrow aims to repeat the same success for all other airlines in ANA Group. Approximately 300 scheduled flights will be observed in total by officials from The LOSA Collaborative (TLC) - a consulting company which carries out the audits - and TLC trained ANA flight crew.

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ANA Rolls-out LOSA Across All 6 Group Airlines