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ANA Group Corporate Plan for FY 2009
- minimising risk to maximise growth opportunities -

TOKYO January 28, 2009 - ANA Group today announced its Corporate Plan for fiscal year 2009, which runs from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010. With the world recession that began in the current fiscal year expected to continue into the next, the tenet of the plan is to minimise risk of falling revenue while preparing for the growth opportunities that will be afforded by the expansion of capacity at Tokyo’s Haneda and Narita Airports in 2010. Details follow below, and are subject to approval by the relevant authorities.

(1) International Passenger Operations
ANA will reduce capacity in line with shrinking demand on routes linking Japan to Europe and North America, as well as further adjusting capacity to China and the rest of Asia.

At the same time, ANA will strengthen its Tokyo Narita feeder service from the Kansai area by up gauging the current code-share service operated by IBEX Airlines from Osaka Itami, using a 50 seat CRJ aircraft, to an ANA operated 737 service carrying 112 passengers. This is in response to customer demand. A new Osaka Kansai-Tokyo Narita service will also be inaugurated on a limited basis from April to June.



(2) Domestic Passenger Operations
Faced with falling demand and increasingly harsh competition from other modes of transport, principally the shinkansen ‘bullet’ train, ANA will work to further reduce the cost of maintaining routes by redistributing its network and introducing greater flexibility into matching demand with supply. From the cost perspective, along with temporary emergency measures, ANA will improve network efficiency through greater use of the ‘simple rotation’ model for aircraft assignment, enhance its connecting network and code-sharing partnerships, and introduce more connecting fares. On the competitive front, it will reinstate certain routes and capture demand on others with big seasonal swings by the more dynamic seasonal response.

ANA will also commence flights from Shizuoka’s Mt Fuji Airport to Sapporo in the north and Okinawa in the south of Japan when the airport opens on June 4.



(3) Cargo Operations
ANA will strengthen cargo as its third core business by centering its cargo network on the Okinawa cargo hub, which goes into operation in October 2009. It will employ eight mid-size 767-300 freighters to link the overseas ports of Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong with Japanese ports of Narita, Haneda and Kansai, via Okinawa. In March 2010, a further 767-300 freighter will be brought into operation, and Tianjin will be added to the network.

(4) Fleet Plan
ANA will take delivery of the world’s first Boeing 787 in February 2010 and commence commercial operations with the brand new aircraft type in March of that year. Initially, it will be flown on domestic flights for ETOPS rating purposes and to expedite pilot training.

(5) ANA Group capacity in FY09 *

Notes for editors:
- Narita and Haneda refer to Tokyo’s two metropolitan airports; Itami and Kansai refer to Osaka’s two airports
- Some changes take effect from the start of the summer 09 schedule, March 29, 2009
- Flights are given on a return basis

Contact: Rob Henderson, Public Relations:
ANA Group Corporate Plan for FY 2009