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ANA to Raise Fuel Surcharge on International Cargo

TOKYO July 10, 2009 - ANA today applied to Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) to raise its surcharge on international cargo shipments from August 1, 2009.

Since April this year, the surcharge has been fixed for one month and revised on the basis of the average price of jet fuel for the month immediately preceding the announcement of the next revision. The next surcharge will thus be set according to the average price of jet fuel for the month of June – as reported by the US Department of Energy – and come into effect on August 1. As jet fuel rose to an average of US$76.54 per barrel in that month, ANA regrets that it must ask its valued customers to share the increased cost burden, in spite of its ongoing efforts to curb costs and increase revenues.

Revised fuel surcharge for international cargo (yen/ kilo) from August 1, 2009*

*subject to approval by the relevant government authorities and to change without notice

Conditions for Revision (and Removal) of the Surcharge
The next revision to the cargo Fuel Surcharge, if any, will take effect on September 1, based on the average price of Singapore kerosene for the month of July, and will be announced in August.

If the monthly average cost of Singapore kerosene falls below US$30 per barrel, the fuel surcharge will be removed altogether.

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Fuel Surcharge according to average jet fuel price
ANA to Raise Fuel Surcharge on International Cargo