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Limited Time – Special Business Class Fares from U.S. to Japan Extended to mid-October!
- Business Class trips: more affordable, convenient and flexible in today’s challenging economy -

LOS ANGELES September 16, 2009 – ANA announced today that, as part of its continued efforts to provide exceptional service, prices and experiences, it will be extending its special Limited Biz Value fares for flights from the U.S. to Japan until October 14, 2009. Purchase period is September 16 - October 14, 2009, with departure dates of September 30 - December 31, 2009.

Limited Biz Value Fares: More Affordable, Convenient Business Class
With the more favorable and flexible 14-day advance purchase, as well as extended campaign deadline, travelers can continue enjoying journeys to Japan from September 30 - December 31 at discounted prices. ANA hopes that its valued customers will continue taking advantage of these special fares and that their travel experiences, especially in today’s economy, will be greatly improved.

◆ Departure Dates:Wednesday, September 30 – Thursday, December 31, 2009 (For U.S. Departure)

◆ Ticketing Dates: Wednesday, September, 16 – Wednesday, October 14, 2009

◆ Limited Biz Value Fares (To Japan Only)
Weekday Roundtrip Fare
Weekend Roundtrip Fare
Peak Roundtrip Fare
Los Angeles/San Francisco=Tokyo/ Osaka/Nagoya
Chicago = Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya


New York/Washington D.C.=Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya
※ Prices do not include fuel or insurance surcharges, nor government imposed taxes and fees.
※【Weekday Fares】 U.S. Departure: Monday - Thursday Japan Departure: Tuesday - Friday
※【Weekend Fares】 U.S. Departure: Friday/Sunday Japan Departure: Saturday/Monday
※【Peak Fares】 U.S. Departure: Saturday Japan Departure: Sunday
For more details on terms and conditions, please visit, ANA’s convenient, easy-to-use North American website.
Justin C. Massey, ANA Public Relations:
Limited Time - Special Business Class Fares from U.S. to Japan Extended to mid-October!