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New Premium Economy service debuts on international routes

TOKYO March 29, 2012 - ANA Group, Japan's largest airline group, is introducing further improvements to its Premium Economy service on long-haul international routes. From June 1, 2012, routes where Premium Economy is already available will see an enhanced level of service, and from September, Premium Economy will be extended to a number of international routes on which it was not previously available.

Premium Economy is currently available on the four routes between Narita and Chicago, Washington DC and Munich, and between Haneda and Los Angeles to passengers who have purchased Economy Class tickets at regular rates. From Friday June 1, the Premium Economy service will be further enhanced to provide sparkling wine and soup in addition to regular Economy Class meals.

From September, the Premium Economy service will also be introduced sequentially on routes between Narita and New York, London, Frankfurt, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Paris, where ANA's new seat product will also make its debut.

1. Premium Economy - Overview of New Services
Existing Premium Economy Routes (between Narita and Chicago, Washington D.C., and Munich; and between Haneda and Los Angeles)

(1) Scheduled Service Introduction Date
Friday, June 1, 2012

(2) Seating/Services
Premium Economy Seating that is currently on applicable routes will continue to be used. Premium Economy Class has been enhanced to also include sparkling wine and soup in addition to regular economy class food and drinks.

Routes Introducing the New Premium Economy (between Narita and New York, London, Frankfurt, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Paris)

(1) Service Introduction Schedule
From September 2012, the new Premium Economy seat product and service will be introduced on Narita - New York, Narita - London, Narita - Frankfurt, Narita - San Francisco, Narita - Los Angeles and Narita - Paris and will complete by the end of the calendar year.

(2) Seating
The Premium Economy introduces new seating. The details of the new seats are as follows.

  • ■Independent Space
    Situated at the front of economy class, and separated from regular economy class by a wall, the Premium Economy provides independent cabin space.
  • ■Premium Economy Comfort and Relaxation
    • ●Seat Pitch
      Seat pitch in Premium Economy is 10% wider (4 inches) than regular Economy Class, at 38 inches.
    • ●Seat Layout
      In the Boeing 777-300ER, Economy Class seating is arranged in arrays of 9 seats across (2-4-3 or 3-3-3), while Premium Economy has 8 seats across (2-4-2). This makes the seats 19.3 inches (49cm) wide, providing greater comfort.
    • ●Designed for Relaxation
      We promise more relaxation with leg rests and foot rests provided at your feet* and central arm rests equipped with cocktail trays to hold your drinks. Seats also have large head rests to provide better support for your head, and a large net pocket* allows you to store various items such as drink bottles.
      *Installed into the seat from the second row.
  • ■Other
    Also provided are a 10.6 inch monitor (12.1 inch for first row), a personal TV monitor touch panel, PC power outlet, USB port, i-Pod connection, and a personal light.

New Premium Economy Seating (image)

(3) Service
In addition to regular Economy Class J-MENU meals and drinks, Premium Economy offers sparkling wine and soups.

Sparkling wine and soup (sample)

J-MENU (sample)

2. Other Premium Economy Services

(1) Priority Check-in Service
Make use of our priority check-in counter at the airport.

(2) Lounge Service
Make use of airport lounges prior to departure at Narita, Haneda as well as New York, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.

(3) Priority Baggage Handling Service
Collect baggage swiftly upon arrival at your destination airport, which enables you to get your bags after our First Class and Business Class customers.

Contact: Ryosei Nomura and Megumi Tezuka, ANA Public Relations TEL +81-3-6735-1111


New Premium Economy service debuts on international routes

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