CSR & Environmental Activities

CSR Based on a Solid Foundation of Security and Reliability


Awareness and Sense of Responsibility Are Key to Conservation


In November 2008, the ANA Group became the first certified Eco-First company in the airline and transport industry, a distinction that acknowledged by the Ministry of Environment our enthusiastically promoting various environmental conservation activities, such as the medium-term ANA Group Ecology Plan 2004–2007, followed by the plan of 2008–2011.
    From April 2012, the ANA Group will start implementing the newly drawn-up mid- and long-term business plan for the period from FY2012 through FY2020, ANA FLY ECO 2020—Motto, Zutto, Aoi Sora e (“Bluer than the Blue Sky, and Forever”). We are committed to incorporating global standards as we pursue various measures to protect the environment, with each employee working as part of a team. Further, prior to April implementation, we submitted in March 2012 to Environment Minister Goshi Hosono the goals stated in the ANA FLY ECO 2020—Motto, Zutto, Aoi Sora e as our “Eco-First Commitment (revised).”
    To reduce CO2 emissions, the ANA Group will continue various measures to prevent climate change including introduction of cutting-edge aircraft, energy-saving flight plans, aircraft repair, and reducing equipment weight.

Eco-First Follow-up Report

With the cooperation of customers, local people and other stakeholders, we will actively promote such unique initiatives as the ANA Carbon Offset Program, e-flight, 3R* activity, forestation, Team Tyura Sango (Okinawa’s coral restoration project), Tohoku Coastal Forest restoration, and aviation biofuel R&D.

*3R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Eco-First Follow-up Report Meeting
On March 22, 2012, Executive Vice President Osamu Shinobe (right) reported the results and current progress of our activities to Environment Minister Goshi Hosono.

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