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Convair 440 Metropolitan


Wingspan 32.11m
Length 24.92m
Height 8.58m
Seating 52seats
Gross Weight 21,770Kg
Maximum Speed 430km/h
Altitude capability 7,000m
Range 3,540km
Take off Distance 1,560m
Landing Distance 1,240m
Fuel Capacity 6,550l
Power Plant P.&W.R-2800-CB16
Engine Horsepower 2,400hp x 2

Convair 440 Metropolitan

October 1959 - November 1964

The Convair Metropolitan was the most efficient final piston-powered aircraft of its time. It also featured a pressurized passenger cabin and was advertised as the plane "that won't hurt your ears". It was also the fastest plane in service in Japan and was able to make the Tokyo-Osaka run without a stopover in Nagoya. That change shaved a full 50 minutes off the flight.

Convair 440 Metropolitan