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Vicker's Viscount


Wingspan 28.55m
Length 26.11m
Height 8.16m
Seating 67seats
Gross Weight 32,890Kg
Maximum Speed 570km/h
Altitude capability 9,100m
Range 2,840km
Take off Distance 1,810m
Landing Distance 1,360m
Fuel Capacity 8,630l
Power Plant Rolls-Royce · Dart 525
Engine Horsepower (1,730shp+thrust 218kg ) x 4

Vicker's Viscount

July 1961 - August 1969

The Vicker's Viscount was a turbo-prop aircraft introduced at almost the same time as the Fokker F-27 Friendship. After its introduction, ANA experienced explosive growth in the number of passengers it carried.

Vicker's Viscount