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Douglas DC-3


Wingspan 28.96m
Length 19.65m
Height 5.16m
Seating 30-3seats
Gross Weight 11,880Kg
Maximum Speed 220km/h
Altitude capability 7,600m
Range 1,740km
Take off Distance 840m
Landing Distance 800m
Fuel Capacity 3,040l
Power Plant P.&W.R-1830-92
Engine Horsepower 1,200hp x 2

Douglas DC-3

November 1955 - March 1964

With 31 seats, the DC-3 had almost twice the seating capacity of the DeHavilland Heron. The introduction of the DC-3 almost marked the first time stewardesses (now called Cabin Attendants) provided passenger service. Originally introduced during WWII as a military aircraft, there were over 10,000 DC-3 manufactured and in service.

Douglas DC-3