ANA's History

Fleet History

DeHavilland DH-104 Dubb


Wingspan 17.37m
Length 12.04m
Height 4.06m
Seating 8-11seats
Gross Weight 3,860Kg
Maximum Speed 240km/h
Altitude capability 6,100m
Range 1,630km
Take off Distance 720m
Landing Distance 690m
Fuel Capacity 765l
Power Plant Gypsy · Queen 70-4
Engine Horsepower 340hp x 2

DeHavilland DH-104 Dubb

December 1953 - July 1962

The workhorse of Niperi, the forerunner of ANA. Debuted on the Tokyo-Osaka cargo run in 1953 and began passenger service the following year.

DeHavilland DH-104 Dubb