ANA's History

Fleet History

Handley Page HP-104 Marathon


Wingspan 19.81m
Length 15.93m
Height 4.27m
Seating 22seats
Gross Weight 8,280Kg
Maximum Speed 220km/h
Altitude capability 5,000m
Range 1,770km
Take off Distance 1,150m
Landing Distance 740m
Fuel Capacity 1,890l
Power Plant Gypsy · Queen 70-4
Engine Horsepower 340hp x 4

Handley Page HP-104 Marathon

October 1954 - June 1960

Another predecessor to ANA was Far Eastern Airlines. The Handley Page Marathon was employed on the Tokyo-Osaka route in addition to covering routes in Western Japan and Kyushu.

Handley Page HP-104 Marathon