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Boeing 737-200


Wingspan 28.35m
Length 30.48m
Height 11.28m
Seating 115-126seats
Gross Weight 49,400kg
Maximum Speed 820km/h(M0.72)
Altitude capability 10,700m
Range 1,700km
Take off Distance 1,900m
Landing Distance 1,480m
Fuel Capacity 13,470l
Power Plant P&W JT8D-9
Engine Horsepower 6,580kg x 2

Boeing 737-200

June 1969 - August 1992

The Boeing 737-200 was the successor to the Fokker F-27 Friendship and Vicker's Viscount. The blue and white color design of the aircraft earned it the nickname Mohican.

Boeing 737-200