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Boeing 747SR-100 Super Jumbo


Wingspan 59.6m
Length 70.7m
Height 19.4m
Seating 528seats
(first class x 20
economy class x 508)
Gross Weight 263,900kg
Maximum Speed 880km/h(M0.83)
Altitude capability 13,700m
Range 2,590km
Take off Distance 1,700m
Landing Distance 2,170m
Fuel Capacity 181,940l
Power Plant General Electric CF6-45A2
Engine Horsepower 21,090kg x 4

Boeing 747SR-100 Super Jumbo

January 1979 - March 2006

It was a sensation when this two-level giant first began passenger service. Resembling a popular Japanese beetle, its Jumbo nickname quickly entered the popular vocabulary. The first Jumbo was introduced in 1979 as an SR model.(short range)

Boeing 747SR-100 Super Jumbo