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NAMCO YS-11A-500R Olympia


Wingspan 32.00m
Length 26.30m
Height 8.98m
Seating 60-64seats
Gross Weight 25,000kg
Maximum Speed 450km/h
Altitude capability 6,100m
Range 1,200km
Take off Distance 1,400m
Landing Distance 1,110m
Fuel Capacity 4,960l
Power Plant Rolls-Royce · Dart MK543-1Q10K
Engine Horsepower (2,775shp+thrust 336kg) x 2

NAMCO YS-11A-500R Olympia

September 1965 - August 1991

The NAMCO was Japan's first and last purely domestic passenger airplane. It debuted the same year as the Tokyo Olympics and was given the nickname Olympia in recognition of this. The NAMCO saw its last service with ANA in 1991 but continues flying for our subsidiary airline ANK (Air Nippon).

NAMCO YS-11A-500R Olympia