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Boeing 747 LR


Wingspan 59.6m
Length 70.57m
Height 19.4m
Seating 298-377seats
Gross Weight 377,800kg
Maximum Speed 900km/h(M0.84)
Altitude capability 13,700m
Range 11,700km
Take off Distance 3,520m
Landing Distance 2,190m
Fuel Capacity 209,420l
Power Plant General Electric CF6-50E2
Engine Horsepower 23,810kg x 4

Boeing 747 LR

July 1986 - 2005

The Boeing 747 LR was our first long-haul aircraft. It inaugurated our service to destinations such as Los Angeles and Washington D.C. from Narita Airport. In addition to trans-Pacific routes, it now also flies passengers to Europe.

Boeing 747 LR