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Boeing 747-400 Techno-Jumbo

Specifications (Global Network)

Wingspan 64.4m
Length 70.7m
Height 19.4m
Seating 365seats
Gross Weight 394,600kg
Maximum Speed 910km/h(M0.85)
Altitude capability 13,700m
Range 12,370km
Take off Distance 3,580m
Landing Distance 2,300m
Fuel Capacity 56,940U.S.G.l
Power Plant General Electric CF6-80C2B1F
Engine Horsepower 26,310kg x 4

Boeing 747-400 Techno-Jumbo

November 1990-March 2014

The 747 series took a big leap forward with the introduction of the 400-series craft. This "Techno-Jumbo" has an extended upper deck and so-called winglets on the ends of each wing giving it a unique shape. The 747-400 was used primarily on international routes.

Boeing 747-400 Techno-Jumbo