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Boeing 777-200

(Domestic Route Network)

Wingspan 60.9m
Length 63.7m
Height 18.5m
Seating 376seats
(first class x 18
economy class x 358)
Gross Weight 202,900kg
Maximum Speed 870km/h(M0.80)
Altitude capability 13,100m
Range 4,300km
Take off Distance 1,910m
Landing Distance 1,780m
Fuel Capacity 31,000 U.S.Gl
Power Plant PW4074
Engine Horsepower 33,790kg x 2

Boeing 777-200

December 1995 -

The engines on this aircraft are huge -- large enough to hold the fuselage of its 737 sibling. It was designed with the input of airlines from around the world, including ANA. Our suggestion of radial tires is an example of an idea the manufacturer incorporated in the final design. The Triple-7 serves domestic and international routes.

Boeing 777-200