Safety Measures

Cabin Attendants
Cabin Attendants Now we'll take a look at how the cabin attendants get things ready for your flight. The first thing they do is check flight and passenger information for the day's flight. The cabin attendants who will work together on the flight meet together, and the chief purser determines the formation in the cabin and delegates various other duties. They review emergency procedures as well as the location and use of emergency equipment, and go over the in-flight service. When these tasks have been completed they board the aircraft. Once onboard they check that all emergency equipment is properly placed, make sure there are no irregularities in the cabin and that it is clean, and check that all service goods are onboard. When the pilot comes onboard a briefing is held to go over the flight route, weather conditions enroute, weather and temperature at destination, and review duties and responsibilities in case of emergency. The chief purser then briefs the other attendants on passenger information acquired from the ground staff. When the preparations are complete, the chief purser reports to the captain and passengers can begin to board the airplane to be welcomed by our friendly attendants.
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