Safety Measures

Takeoff and In-flight
Takeoff and In-flight Once all passengers are onboard and the crew has received the necessary documents from the ground staff, the entry door is closed. The chief purser then signals the other attendants to make all doors ready for departure. After notifying the captain that all doors are secure, the purser makes an announcement which welcomes everyone aboard. A safety video is then shown. The video tells what to do in case of an emergency so it is extremely important to follow along. After the video has finished, the cabin attendants do a cabin check to make sure that all seatbelts are properly secured and baggage is safely stowed. After takeoff and the seat belt sign is turned off, the cabin attendants commence in-flight service. They distribute meals, serve drinks, offer duty-free items for sale and begin the in-flight movie, etc. During the service, cabin attendants are on the lookout for passengers who are feeling ill, and make sure there are no problems in the cabin or lavatories.