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Information on mileage accrual and terms of use for purchases at pet shops and equestrian clubs.

Okinawa Diving Shop Marine Product

Okinawa Diving Shop Marine Product

ANA Card Mile PlusAt Okinawa Diving Shop Marine Product, we strive to offer our "hospitality" to ensure that our customers can make most out of their precious time. Our vessel "Marine Product" is a diving ship that can carry up to 35 passengers. It is fitted with showers, and the dry room has air conditioning. You can do maintenance work on your camera in the dry room even while the ship is moving! We make every effort to offer a higher level of "hospitality" everyday.

Our day trip, which departs daily, is an eight-hour course to Kerama. The ocean shows a different face everyday - you will never get bored diving at Kerama! Enjoy a one-hour boat cruise from the port to Kerama. Why not take pictures with an underwater camera at Kerama? From beginners to experienced divers, it is an activity that can be enjoyed by all.Our camera-loving staff will take their time to guide you through. Of course, we can't stop our staff from enjoying themselves with the camera too! Come here for all your diving and underwater photography needs.

Accrued Miles

Mileage Conversion

An additional 1 mile per 100 (including tax) of the payment will be accumulated when using an ANA Card with the transaction of credit card company points.

* Appropriate procedures must be followed and a transfer fee is required except in some cases when transferring credit card company points to miles (no cost for some card types such as ANA Wide Gold Card, etc.) Also, the redeemed mile count may differ according to each credit company and/or details of use.


Using your ANA Card at eligible stores.

For eligible stores, please check our website.


Okinawa Diving Shop Marine Product

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