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Murauchi Furniture Access

Murauchi Furniture Access

ANA Card Mile Plus"Furniture is Murauchi-Hachioji" Murauchi Furniture Access offers an attractive lineup as well as a large number of products from Japan and International furniture brands along with many other interior and household goods. We want to help you be more comfortable in your daily life. OKAY was first established in Belgium and is a new lifestyle design shop that differs from other select shops or life style shops. OKAY is a very unique and exciting space and you can feel the excitement when seeing new and exclusive products for the first time. Both Murauchi and OKAY provide a point card with no entry or annual fees which allows you to purchase furniture and interior goods at the best price.

Accrued Miles

Spending 100 (including tax) on your ANA Card = 1 mile
In addition, 100 in credit card point transfers = maximum 1 mile


Murauchi Furniture Access - 4 stores (Hachioji main store, Yokohama-Kouhoku store, Fuchu store, Sagamihara store)   OKAY - 3 stores (Minato-Mirai store, Hachioji store, Kinshicho store)  Café Restaurant Lurvre (Hachioji main store)  Murauchi Museum


Murauchi Furniture Access

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