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Information on mileage accrual and terms of use for purchases of daily fashion items, such as clothes and fashion accessories.

Megane Supermarket

Megane Supermarket

ANA Card Mile PlusAnnouncing the birth of a new eyewear shop in Yurakucho!
First impressions start with the face.
The choice of glasses we wear can have a great effect on the look of our faces.
We want to offer a store where customers can take their time in selecting the eyewear that is right for them.
"Eyestage Yurakucho" was born out of this concept.
We strive to realize the very top in available product selection with abundant color selections of the finest designs.
The customer is the star of the stage in our new space "Ai (love) - Eye".
Enjoy access to a wide variety of information at Eyestage.

Accrued Miles

Mileage Conversion

An additional 1 mile per \100 (including tax) of the payment will be accumulated when using an ANA Card with the transaction of credit card company points.

* Appropriate procedures must be followed and a transfer fee is required except in some cases when transferring credit card company points to miles (no cost for some card types such as ANA Wide Gold Card, etc.) Also, the redeemed mile count may differ according to each credit company and/or details of use.


Using your ANA Card to make purchase at all Megane Supermarket locations.


* Purchases may not be eligible for mileage accrual with other special discounts/offers, etc.

* Some products and stores are not eligible for mileage accrual. Contact your local retail store or the numbers below for further details.

* The “ID” assigned by ANA VISA/Master Card as a payment option is eligible for payment.(except Megane Senka)


Megane Supermarket
Mon. – Sat. 10 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
(except Sun. and Year End / New Year Holidays)

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