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Information on mileage accrual and terms of use for car loans, used car purchases, car rentals, and other such services.

Gulliver International Co., Ltd.

Gulliver International Co., Ltd.

We have continued to receive the trust and positive review of our customers since our inception in 1994. Gulliver now boasts the "industry's No.1 performance" with annual car purchases reaching approximately 250,000 vehicles(Published by: Yano Research Institute, LTD. The Automotive After-Sales Service Market 2008 Edition).
Total number of vehicles purchased to date is approximately 2,700,000. Thanks to our patrons, we have earned the trust of countless customers who have sold us their cars.
We strive to continue to satisfy our customers through our top-notch caring services.

Accrued Miles

Mileage Conversion

You will receive miles based on the contract sale price of your vehicle as shown below.

Vehicle sale price (including. tax)

Miles accrued

10,000 or more - less than 100,000

1,000 miles

100,000 or more - less than 1,000,000

2,000 miles

1,000,000 or more - less than 2,000,000

3,000 miles

Above 2,000,000, for every 1,000,000

1,000 additional miles

* Please be sure to read through the Terms and Conditions for mileage accrual eligibility.

* Contract amounts for the sale of vehicles that total less than 10,000 will not be eligible for mileage accrual.

Accrual Method

Please apply through ANA Mileage Club dedicated website by following the instructions on the screen and entering your AMC customer number and other necessary information.

* Applications filed through the above ANA Mileage Club dedicated website will be eligible for mileage accrual. Please note that applications over the telephone or those filed in person at one of our store locations will not be eligible for mileage accrual.


* From this point onward, you will be transferred to the websites of other companies. Policies regarding the protection of personal information will be in accordance with the policies of the website owner.

Mileage Accrual Period

It may take 1 - 2 months before your mileage accrual can be confirmed.

Applying for Miles Retroactively

Please note retroactive registrations will not be accepted.


* Customers eligible for mileage accrual will be limited to the "owner or operator" indicated on the vehicle inspection certificate, or spouse or family member residing with said owner or operator.

* Only customers applying through the ANA Mileage Club dedicated website will be eligible for mileage accrual.

* Please note that we cannot issue mileage if an incorrect ANA Mileage Club customer number was entered.

* This cannot be used in conjunction with other Awards, such as online specials.

* House-call evaluations undertaken at the times confirmed in a return call or customer's visits to one of our locations are eligible for mileage accrual.

* When you sign the contract of sale for your vehicle with Gulliver for over 10,000, you will earn 1,000 - 3,000 miles or more based on the sale price. These miles will be accrued by the end of the month you sold your vehicle or the by the end of following month.


Gulliver International Co., LTD.


Mon. - Fri. 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
(except Sat., Sun., National Holidays, and Year End / New Year Holidays)

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