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Credit Cards

Transfer partner credit card company points into miles. Here is information on the number of miles you can earn and terms of use.

Diners Club

Diners Club "Diners Global Mileage"

With the Diners Club Card that allows you to make high value purchases, the miles you earn will add up quickly.
You can earn miles not only when you fly, but also by using your card to pay for daily expenses like shopping, dining, and your mobile phone bills.
We have also prepared various services so that all your trips are leisurely and comfortable.

Accrued Miles

Mileage Conversion

10 point = 1,000 miles
(each 10,000 spent = 1 point)

Transfer Fees

6,300 (including tax) / each year

Mile Transfer Unit

10 points (1,000 miles) per unit

Upper Limit for Mile Transfers (each year)

400 points 40,000 miles


Individual ANA Mileage Club members who signed up for the Diners Global Mileage Program (some corporate cards and partner cards may not be eligible)

Date of Mileage Transfer

It takes approximately 2 months before your request for point to mile conversion is fulfilled.


* Mileage conversion rates are subject to change. For the newest information, please refer to the Diners Club website.


* From this point onward, you will be transferred to the websites of other companies. Policies regarding the protection of personal information will be in accordance with the policies of the website owner.


Diners Club call center


24 hours (all year round)

* After selecting "4" at the main menu, proceed by following the automated voice instructions.

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