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Credit Cards

Transfer partner credit card company points into miles. Here is information on the number of miles you can earn and terms of use.

Epos Card

Epos Card

(Epos points)

Earn points by using your card at Marui and VISA partner stores.

(Special benefits for shopping at Marui)

"10% OFF for EPOS Card members"

10% discount when the members use EPOS Card during the courtesy periods (4 times a year : Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.)

(International services)

You also can receive useful travel information in Japanese at local information desks in 38 cities around the world. Overseas travel accident insurance supports your comfortable travel.

* Epos Cards with VISA functionality is demanded.

Accrued Miles

Mileage conversion

1 Epos point = 2.5 miles

Mile Transfer Unit

200 points (500 miles) or more, in units of 100 points (250 miles)

Accrual Method

Transferring Procedure

Please enter here to log into "EposNet" and apply. (Registration is required in advance. There is no registration fee.)


* From this point onward, you will be transferred to the websites of other companies. Policies regarding the protection of personal information will be in accordance with the policies of the website owner.

You may also apply at Epos Customer Center and each EPOS Card Center in Marui.

Date of Mileage Transfer

Please note that it takes approximately 1-2 months to confirm mileage transfer after the transfer is requested.


* Once Epos points are transferred into miles, they cannot be transferred back. Also, miles cannot be transferred into Epos points.

* The transfer of Epos points into miles is based upon the "Epos Card Terms of Use".


Epos Customer Center

  Tokyo: 03-3383-0101
  Osaka: 06-6630-0101

9:30 a.m. - 8 p.m. (except 1/1)

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