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Credit Cards

Transfer partner credit card company points into miles. Here is information on the number of miles you can earn and terms of use.

TEPCO Switch!Card

TEPCO Switch! Card

The TEPCO Switch! Card gives you extreme value when you use it for utility payments.

Earn double the points compared with regular shopping when you make your monthly payments for electricity, gas, water, NHK, mobile phones, newspapers, premium television and more.

Also, if the "ANA Course" is selected in advance, each time you earn points they are automatically converted into ANA miles.

There is of course no conversion fee. There is also no annual fee if you use your card to pay for your TEPCO electricity charges. (Regular Card)

You are paying your monthly utilities anyway! Why not get something back?

Accrued Miles

Mileage Conversion

2 Switch! points = 5 miles

Mile Transfer Unit

2 Switch! points (5 miles) or more, in units of 2 Switch! points (5 miles)
(Fractions of Switch! points are carried over to the next month)

Accrual Method

Transferring Procedure

If you apply for the ANA Course when you enroll for The TEPCO Switch! Card, your Switch! points are automatically transferred into miles.

Date of Mileage Transfer

The Switch! points you earn each month through using your card are totaled and accrued as miles at the end of the following month.


* Once Switch! points are transferred into miles,they cannot be transferred back. In addition, miles cannotbe exchanged for Switch! points.

* Transfers of Switch! points into miles are based upon the "TEPCO Switch! Card member Terms and Conditions".


TEPCO Switch! Card Desk


9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
(except Year End / New Year Holidays)

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