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Credit Cards

Transfer partner credit card company points into miles. Here is information on the number of miles you can earn and terms of use.

JP Bank Card (VISA / MasterCard)

Japan Post Bank
JP BANK CARD (VISA / MasterCard)

The JP BANK CARD (VISA / MasterCard), issued by Japan Post Bank, is a convenient cash card and credit card all rolled into one. Allowing you to earn points when paying utilities and doing your daily shopping, it is a card that follows your lifestyle.

Accrued Miles

Mileage Conversion

1 point = 3 miles
(each 1,000 used = 1 point)

Mile Transfer Unit

200 points (600 miles) or more, in units of 100 points (300 miles)

Upper Limit for Mile Transfers (each year)

10,000 points (30,000 miles / each year)

Transfer Fees



ANA Mileage Club members holding JP BANK CARD (VISA / MasterCard)

Date of Mileage Transfer

It takes approximately 1 week to confirm mileage transfer after the transfer is requested.


JP Bank Card Desk


9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
(except Year End / New Year Holidays)

For inquiries from mobile phones, PHS, car phones, or satellite phones

  03-5392-7170 (Tokyo)
  06-6533-8004 (Osaka)

* Point conversion cannot be performed by the operator.

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