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Transfer Points into Miles

Turn partner points into miles! Here is information on the number of miles you can earn and terms of use.

G Point

G Point

A "G Point" is a common point that can be transferred between approximately 150 companies, including ANA Mileage Club. G Point is one of the largest point transfer services in Japan.
It is also possible to earn G Points directly by purchasing goods and services at any of the approximately 300 popular sites in the "G Point Mall" just log in to the G Point site to get started.
A free membership registration is required at the service site before you can take advantage of "G Points."

Accrued Miles

Mileage Conversion

30 G Points = 10 miles

Transfer Eligibility

All G Points accrued by transferring points from affiliated G Point member corporations, or through Internet shopping at partner corporation sites, membership registrations, information requests etc., are eligible for transfer.

Mile Transfer Unit

Transfers are limited to 30 G Points or more in blocks of 30 G Points at a time.

Mileage Transfer Limits


Accrual Method

Click here to transfer points.
Push the "Redeem" button on the redemption page after completing the registration for G Point Membership.
Please register your ANA Mileage Club customer number (10-digits) as "Registration for first time" to transfer points.


* From this point onward, you will be transferred to the websites of other companies. Policies regarding the protection of personal information will be in accordance with the policies of the website owner.

Mileage Accrual Period

It will take 1 - 2 months to confirm mileage accrual after transfer request.


* Points that are converted into ANA Mileage Club miles cannot be reconverted into G Points. Also, new ANA Mileage Club miles cannot be converted into G Points.

* G Point transfer requests are performed according to the terms and conditions of your G Point membership.


G Point Support Center

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