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Here, you will find information on mileage accrual and terms of use on your purchase of consumer electronics and signing contracts with eligible providers.

Rakuten Broadband

Rakuten Broadband

Rakuten broadband is a safe Internet connection service offered by Rakuten.

 More reasonable monthly fee!
The Rakuten broadband monthly fee offers the lowest price in the industry! Enroll in the Rakuten broadband service to enjoy comfortable Internet at a more reasonable price now!

 A gift of Rakuten Super Points valued at approximately 50 miles every month!
Rakuten broadband is a useful provider that lets you earn 100 Rakuten Super Points valued at approximately 50 miles per month!

 Rakuten Group
Mileage earned by using Rakuten broadband can be redeemed for ANA miles or can be used for various services offered by the Rakuten group such as Rakuten Market, Rakuten Travel, and Rakuten Books.

Accrued Miles

Mileage Conversion

Rakuten Broadband Hikari per new contract = 2,000 miles

Rakuten Broadband Hikari when changing your provider = 500 miles


Earn 2,000 miles for new contracts with NTT FLETS Hikari when using Rakuten Broadband Hikari. Customer changing from another provider earn 500 miles.

Accrual Method

Please register your ANA Mileage Club customer number(10-digits) after applying on the special page. Mileage accrual will not accumulate without first registering an ANA Mileage Club customer number at the time of applying.

Mileage Accrual Period

Please allow approximately 4 months for confirmation of mileage accrual after applying.


* Required to use more than one year after start of billing month. 5,250 will be charged as a penalty when cancelling at customer's request during the eligible period.

* Please note that the eligible period and penalty are different when you applied during the Enrollment Campaign period.

* Other Rakuten Broadband Enrollment campaigns cannot be combined with this campaign and enrollment awards for other campaigns are ineligible when applying for this campaign.

* Please note that changes to award types or changes to other enrollment campaigns operated by Rakuten Broadband after completing the registration cannot be accepted.

* Ineligible to receive awards for this campaign when applying under the following conditions.

When applying through a different enrollment campaign web site.

No payments within the payment period for our service fee, etc.

When changing plan type or connection speeds at the time of applying before providing miles for this campaign.

When violating our published terms and conditions.

When we determine that a member should be disqualified for any reason.

* When there is an existing FLET'S Hikari line and you are not applying for a new line, then you earn 500 miles. Also, if you live in NTT East area and you have previously had a FLET'S Hikari line with the same address, name and course, then you earn 500 miles.

* Applications may be cancelled when a line is not connected within 3 month after applying to Rakuten Broadband Hikari. In such cases, mileage accrual is not eligible.


Rakuten Broadband



9 a.m. - 9 p.m.(all year round)


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