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Information on mileage accrual and terms of use for car loans, used car purchases, car rentals, and other such services.

Toyota Rent a Car

Toyota Rent a Car

Toyota quality in both cars and service

Lots of stores, lots of cars
Plenty of non-smoking cars available
All passenger cars equipped with on-board navigation and ETC devices
Abundant lineup of hybrid vehicles
Welcab rentals at every store

*1) Certain regions and vehicle classes are excluded.

*2) ETC devices are not equipped on vehicles in Okinawa or remote island regions.

Accrued Miles

Mileage Conversion

100 of the rental amount (including tax) = 1 mile


(Eligible fares)

Eligible charges include base rental fees, extension fees, drop-off fees, insurance fees, gasoline fees, and fees for options (chains, bicycle carriers, etc.), as long as the card member orders and pays for the rental car through Toyota Rent a Car directly.

In the case where multiple card members rent a vehicle together, miles will accrue for only one of the members (the one who enters into the rental agreement).

* The following situations are excluded from this offer:

1. When the customer purchases rental products offered at train stations or when the rental is purchased with coupons or obtained through package tours from travel companies.

2. When the customer is already receiving priority discounts other than through the ANA Card or AMC Card.

3. When the rental falls under special pricing (special pricing at airports or in remote island regions, contract pricing, various special pricing offers, etc.).

4. When the rental is already combined with a mileage program through another company.

5. When the vehicle is involved in an accident caused by the customer.

6. When the rental takes place outside of Japan.

Accrual Method

When leasing your rental car, please present your ANA Card or ANA Mileage Club Card to the rental agent and indicate your desire to use the rental for mileage accrual.

Toyota Rent a Car Privileges

Get a 5% discount on the base rental fee if you present your ANA Card or ANA Mileage Club Card when you rent one of our vehicles.

* Certain vehicle classes and rental periods are ineligible for the discount.

* You will receive a maximum 10% discount according to various conditions when making a reservation through the web page of Toyota rent-a-car. Please contact the office below for more information.

* Member privileges cannot be claimed when using a temporary card.

* Miles accrue when this service is used as well.

Mileage Accrual Period

It may take 1 - 2 months until the accrual of miles are confirmed.

* Always save your receipt until your mileage accrual has been confirmed.

Applying for Retroactive Registration

Please contact us with your ANA Mileage Club customer number, and remember to have your receipt ready when you call.

* Retroactive registration of miles must take place within 6 months of the rental date.


* Please present your ANA Card or ANA Mileage Club Card on the day of the rental.

* Certain vehicle types and rental periods are ineligible for mileage accrual.

* The full amount of the rental charge is eligible.

Reservations / Inquiries / Retroactive Mileage Registration Requests

Toyota Rent a Car Reservation Center



8 a.m. - 8 p.m. (all year round)

Mobile phone access:

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