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Information on mileage accrual and terms of use for car loans, used car purchases, car rentals, and other such services.

Taxi Mile  Human Vehicle

Taxi Mile Human Vehicle

Earn miles when you use your regular local taxi service! Selecting the perfect taxis is more convenient than ever. By using Taxi Mile taxis, you can earn miles based on your fare.

Accrued Miles

Mileage Conversion

100 of taxi fare (including tax, rounded down to the nearest 100) = 1 mile


[Eligible taxis: Member taxis]

* Taxis that do not display the above logo are not eligible.

* Click here for information about the eligible taxi companies and how to accumulate Taxi Miles.

(Eligible fares)

Miles are only awarded when fares are paid in cash.

* Uses of tickets or credit cards are not eligible for mileage accrual.

* Cannot be combined with discount services.

* The cost of tolls (highway usage fees, etc.) is not eligible for mileage accrual.

Accrual Method

Use a taxi displaying the above logo. For taxi service at a certain date and time, it is recommended that you make a reservation by phone.

Tell the driver that you want to earn miles and ask for the proof of boarding (two copies) shown below. Write your ANA Mileage Club customer number and name (using English alphabet) on the proof of boarding, and return it to the driver.

After paying the fare in cash, ask the driver for the customer copy of the proof of boarding shown below.

* Make sure that the fare amount, taxi company name, and driver's name are filled in.

* Keep the copy of the proof of boarding until the mileage accrual can be confirmed.

* The proof of boarding cannot be reissued if lost or damaged.

Proof of boarding

Applying for Miles Retroactively

Please note retroactive registrations will not be accepted.


* Miles will not be awarded if the proof of boarding is missing the taxi company name or the driver's name.

* When using a taxi with other members, miles will only be awarded to 1 member (the member completing the proof of boarding).

* Write your ANA Mileage Club customer number and name (using English alphabet) correctly on the proof of boarding.

* If, after 3 months, you are unable to confirm the mileage accrual, contact below (within 6 months of the taxi ride). Please note that we cannot process your claim after 6 months.)


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